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They Came, They Partied, They Left Their Pants

Random Things Heard and Taken Out of Context
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What is "coffeeism", you may ask? That is a difficult question to answer.
"Coffeeism" is derived from the act of going out to coffee. However,
"going out to coffee" is more of a state of mind than stopping in at your
local Star*ucks for your favorite beverage. Many fans of going out to
coffee would describe it as a ritual, really. Spending late nights
communing with friends over coffee (or soda, or your preferred beverage),
hanging out, sharing ideas, humor, and the deeper stuff that seems to
come out best around a table at 3am...at the spot you've been going to
for years. Now, a "coffeeism" is a phrase or bit of conversation either
overheard or said within your own group that, when taken out of context
or as a stand alone statement, is freakin' hilarious or deeply insightful
or both.

This community is a collection of Coffeeisms! One of our favorites being,
"They came, they partied, they left their pants". Please share your
Coffeeisms with us! Because, really, it's not like we can all go out and
hear these together...I don't think there is a table that big.

I should let everyone know, that coffeeisms aren't necissarily heard at coffee. They can be heard pretty much anywhere. So, if you hear something funny, post it. Let us know where you heard it though!

We only have a few rules...

1. Please stay on topic. Post Coffeeisms, we don't want to hear what you
had for dinner, a rant about your mother, or how you lost your soul.

2. Please NO flaming! Oh yeah. I hate flaming. If something isn't your
flavor, skip over it. Don't get your panties in a twist. It's the
internet, remember that.

3. Remember to post in good taste. If it's going to be vulgar, please use
an lj-cut with a warning.

4. No usernames, no real names. When posting use girl#1, boy#2, that sort
of thing.

5. Rules may change at the maintainers whim. They can change because we
think someone is being a jerk, or just because we might think it's funny.

6. NO hate-related material will be tolerated. If you hate us, we hate
you…and we have the “Ban” button!

7. 3 strikes and you’re out: If a maintainer receives more than three
complaints (from three different users) about you, you will be banned.

Special thanks to Dandelow at cocoajava_cafe for the icons.